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Miss Grand United States 2021 is Madison Lynn Callaghan

Madison Lynn Callaghan of North Carolina was crowned Miss Grand United States of America 2021 in a national competition held on Sunday, June 22 in Rosemont, Illinois. The 25-year-old entrepreneur succeeds Abena Appiah and will represent the USA at the Miss Grand International 2021 pageant, whose date and venue are yet to be announced. Taylor Gipson was named first runner-up while Gennesis Padron was the second runner-up. Sydney Rose and Emily Argo were the third and fourth runners-up, respectively. "I don't even know where to begin, I am so overwhelmed with thankfulness to be part of this amazing Grand community," Madison shared on her social media page. Photos: Miss Grand International

Miss Grand Costa Rica 2021 is Adriana Moya

Adriana Moya has been officially announced by The Finalists organization on Saturday, May 21 as Miss Grand Costa Rica 2021. The 26-year-old architect from San Pedro, Montes de Oca, succeeded Gabriela Jara and will represent her country Costa Rica at Miss Grand International 2021 possibly in Bangkok later this year. No stranger to beauty pageants, Adriana was named first runner-up during the 47th edition of Miss Intercontinental in Manila, Philippines. "It will be my fourth time representing Costa Rica internationally, but the butterflies still feel the same and the emotion is the same," she wrote on social media. "I can't wait to live for the last time, together with you, one of my greatest passions," she added. Photos: Adriana Moya / Instagram

Miss Grand Spain 2021 is Alba Dunkerbeck of Costa Canaria

Alba Dunkerbeck was crowned Miss Grand Spain 2021 in a national competition held last Sunday, May 16 at Bahia Feliz, Gran Canaria. The 19-year-old student of international business and global marketing from Costa Canaria bested 26 other beauties to win her national title. In a post on social media, she expressed her commitment to work for bringing the first golden crown to her country. "It is a great pride but also a great challenge, and like all challenges I am going to achieve them," she said. Alba will represent Spain at the Miss Grand International 2021 competition whose date and venue are yet to be announced. Photos: Jose Sanchez / Miss Grand Spain

Miss Grand Indonesia 2021 is Sophia Rogan

Indonesian-English model from Bali, Sophia Rogan, has been officially named Miss Grand Indonesia 2021 on Thursday, May 20. The 19-year-old beauty was chosen to succeed Miss Grand Indonesia 2020 and Miss Grand International 2020 third runner-up Aurra Kharishma. "With this platform, my goal is to embody an authentic and genuine spirit, and use my voice to stand up for what I believe in - because at the end of the day making a positive impact in the world is what really matters," she wrote on her official social media page. Sophia will represent her country at the Miss Grand International 2021 competition whose date and venue are yet to be announced. Photos: Mozawahyu Photography