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Miss Grand Guatemala 2023 is Raschel Alexandra Paz

Raschel Alexandra Paz has been officially announced on Wednesday, February 22 as the newly appointed Miss Grand Guatemala 2023. The 22-year-old professional model who holds a degree in political studies and international relations succeeded last year's titleholder, Andrea Radford. She will now prepare to represent her country at Miss Grand International 2023 in Vietnam this October. She speaks four languages namely Spanish, English, French, and German. Her passion includes catwalk, basketball, swimming, karate, jiu-jitsu, and horseback riding. For her social work, she is part of an established NGO in her country where she serves as human rights ambassador, providing support to young women and survivors of physical and psychological violence. "It's an honor to carry you in my chest Guatemala. Thank you, God, for your perfect time, to my family for supporting me unconditionally, and to my organization [Miss Grand Guatemala] for trusting me. Together we will do great things,&

Miss Grand Guatemala 2022 is Andrea Radford

Andrea Radford, 27, was officially named Miss Grand Guatemala 2022 on Friday, April 8. She succeeds last year's titleholder, María José Sazo. The 5-foot-8-inches tall beauty is a professional model and lawyer. She has previously held the title Miss Supranational Guatemala and placed in the Top 25 at Miss Supranational 2019 in Poland. "This is the beginning of the path towards a dream, it will not be easy, but with the support and determination that defines us as Guatemalans, it will take us far and near our goal, and that goal will be to bring the first golden crown to our precious country," she shared on her social media. "Together we will do this dream come true and with the [Miss Grand Guatemala] team I am sure that we will meet that goal, now more than ever we are united and that will make us strong and unstoppable," she added. The newly appointed Miss Grand Guatemala enjoys motocross and playing guitar as her hobbies. She will now prepare to represent her c

Miss Grand Guatemala 2021 is María José Sazo

María José Sazo has been officially named Miss Grand Guatemala 2021 on Sunday, June 20. She succeeds Ivana Batchelor, who was second runner-up at Miss Grand International 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand last March. The 21-year-old journalist and communication science student will represent her country Guatemala at the Miss Grand International 2021 pageant, whose date and venue are yet to be announced. María is also a model, language interpreter, illustrator and graphic designer. Photos: Miss Grand Guatemala