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Miss Universe Hungary 2023 is Tunde Blaga

Tunde Blaga was crowned Miss Universe Hungary 2023 in a national competition held on Friday, September 29 at the Aurea Ana Palace Hotel in Budapest. The 27-year-old model edged out 15 other contestants to win the national title. She will now prepare to represent Hungary at Miss Universe 2023 in El Salvador this November. Lilla Csasztvan and Nóra Kenéz were the first and second runners-up, respectively, while Liza Mihályfi bagged the Miss Congeniality award. No stranger to pageantry, the new Miss Universe Hungary previously held the title Miss Earth Hungary 2019 and went on to participate in the 19th Miss Earth in the Philippines. In 2021, she won the inaugural edition of the Miss Tourism Continental pageant in Beirut, Lebanon. "Miss Universe Hungary is more than just luxury and beauty, it's a platform to raise awareness on women's values and represent women's empowerment," Tunde shared on social media. "Today, in a world where diversity and acceptance are par

Miss Universe Hungary 2023: Meet the contestants

A total of 16 contestants have been officially announced vying for the coveted title of Miss Universe Hungary 2023. The lucky winner, to be crowned this Friday, September 29, will represent Hungary at the 72nd Miss Universe (Miss Universe 2023) in El Salvador. This year's national competition will be the first edition under the new license holder Dr. Nora Ozer. It will also mark the return of Hungary after withdrawing from last year's Miss Universe pageant. The country's last participation was in 2021 with Jázmin Viktória. Who will be the next Miss Universe Hungary? Meet the contestants: Alexa Medveczki Bettina Ombódi Jázmin Gazdag Krisztina Horváth Laura Dóra Kis Letícia Vona Lili Balázs Lilla Csasztvan Liza Mihályfi Nóra Kenéz Rachel Pirlot Réka Kerepesi Sára Snóbel Tünde Blága Vivien Haupert Photos: Miss Universe Hungary

Miss Universe Hungary 2021 is Jázmin Viktória Elizabeth

Jázmin Viktória Elizabeth was crowned Miss Universe Hungary 2021 in a special event held at Gigi's Budapest on Saturday, November 6. The 20-year-old model and student from Budapest bested 13 other beauties to win her national title. She will now prepare to represent Hungary at the 70th Miss Universe pageant in Eilat, Israel this December. Edina Maronka and Nina Tobias were the first and second runners-up, respectively. "I’m beyond blessed and honored that I will represent Hungary," the new Miss Universe Hungary shared on her social media account. "Everything happened so fast so it’ll definitely take time for me to process what happened," she added. The last time Hungary joined Miss Universe was in 2018 with Enikő Kecskès, who placed in the Top 20, before taking a two-year hiatus from the competition. Hungary's highest placement at the Miss Universe pageant was Top 10 with Ágnes Konkoly in 2012. Photos: Jázmin Viktória Elizabeth / Instagram