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Paula Shugart steps down as president of the Miss Universe Organization

After 23 years, Paula Shugart officially announced her resignation as the president of the Miss Universe Organization (MUO) during the Miss Universe 2023 national costume show on Thursday, November 16 in El Salvador. "I've decided that this Saturday will be my last show, and to be clear this decision has been months in the making and is not in response to recent events," she said during her speech. She continued: "I have always passionately believed Miss Universe is not about any one woman, it's about community, our community. It's about the passionate fans, the titleholders, the national directors who have remained dedicated to this brand through thick and thin, and because of them the Miss Universe brand is strong and will remain resilient." Paula also left a valuable message — "If I can leave you with anything, what I have learned as president is there is a critical difference between declaring the words transformational leadership and being a re