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Miss Universe 2023: Top 5 question and answer segment transcript

The Top 5 finalists of the 72nd Miss Universe final competition were each given 30 seconds to answer questions directly from the members of the selection committee. Whoever wins Miss Universe 2023 will be representing the Miss Universe Organization for an entire year traveling the world as an ambassador and using the platform to advance the greater good. The nerve-racking question and answer round is their opportunity to prove to the panel they have what it takes to do the Miss Universe job. Here's how they answer the questions: Iris Mittenaera: How would you use the Miss Universe platform to promote global gender equality? Miss Australia, Moraya Wilson: "I would use the Miss Universe platform to push a message. I think this community is strong and when we bond together we can create changes and when it comes to gender equality, when we use our voice and we use our power to make a change that's when real movement happens." Janelle Commissiong: If you win tonight, wha