Spain's ex-Mister Global 2021 speaks out after losing title

After losing the international title he won in Thailand last March, Spain's Miguel Ángel Lucas Carrasco went to social media to release a bold statement against Mister Global and RNB España followed by cryptic messages.

He wrote in Spanish:

"It seems easier to say that Miguel Angel cannot fulfill the obligations as Mister Global than this organization does not offer the award immediately and all the time that goes by while he has to survive on his personal money. What going on? Well, it's normal to work to survive."

"Best of all is the total abandonment by RNB España."

"Both organizations seem to agree with the situation, it's easier to ditch a person than to support and pay them."

"For a circus to keep going it only needs a bunch of clowns to keep it going."

"I won't be answering messages that aren't essential, I've wasted enough time on this."

"I'm like Chile: I don't sign things that don't suit me."

The Mister Global Organization has formally announced Vietnam's Danh Chieu Linh as the new Mister Global 2021 at a press conference on Monday, September 5 in Ho Chi Minh City.

In an official statement, its president Pradit Pradinunt said that ex-Mister Global 2021 "has to relinquish his title due to personal reasons that make him unable to fulfill his duties."

Mister RNB España organization did not respond to a request for comment.

Photos: @zhen_wzzl, Miguel Ángel Lucas / Instagram

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