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SPOTLIGHT: Meet Hanna Kim, Miss Universe Korea 2022

Korea will be represented at the 71st Miss Universe pageant by Hanna Kim. The 27-year-old model currently based in New York City was appointed as Miss Universe Korea 2022 last April. She was the first runner-up during last year's national competition. Apart from modeling, Hanna is a linguist and interpreter, who specialized in clinical trials. She is also a skilled classical ballet dancer. "Words cannot describe how honored I am to be representing Korea at the 71st edition of Miss Universe," she shared on social media. "As Miss Universe is the representation of empowerment and confidence, I wish I will also become a member of this community that empowers the women around the globe," she added. The 71st Miss Universe pageant is expected to be held in the first quarter of 2023. Photos: Save Hannah Studio , Hanna Kim / Instagram

SPOTLIGHT: Miss Universe Honduras 2022 Rebeca Rodriguez Mora

Rebeca Rodriguez Mora was named Miss Universe Honduras 2022 in a national competition held on June 30 at Plaza de las Banderas in San Pedro Sula. The 20-year-old model, who was born and raised in San Pedro Sula, is a digital marketing student. She lives in Miami, USA for her studies. "I assume with great pride, humility, and with the same commitment that characterizes me the responsibility of representing with dignity the Miss Universe Honduras organization and my beloved country, HONDURAS," she wrote in a post on social media.  "I want to thank everyone who trusted me and supported me unconditionally from day one," she added. Rebeca will represent Honduras at the 71st Miss Universe (Miss Universe 2022) possibly later this year. The official date and venue for the competition are yet to be announced. Photos: Irvin Vallecillo Fotografia | Hair and Makeup: Kriz Reales Guzmán / Kriz Reales Studio, Angelo Studio | Swimsuit: Cac Lam / Cacdemode Swim | Crown: Ricardo Pat