Miss Nederland 2020 Denise Speelman unveils national costume for the 69th Miss Universe

Denise Speelman, 24, of the Netherlands will be wearing a symbolic orange national costume in the upcoming 69th Miss Universe pageant in Hollywood, Florida, USA.

Created by Miss Pearl Couture, the beautiful costume represents the "colorful open-minded country where the foundation is freedom."

It features a spring-inspired floral crown, a dramatic three-color flowy veil that represents the Dutch flag, and acrylic handpainted symbols that the Netherlands is known for such as the windmill and tulip flowers.

Denise is also proud to present her roots as she brings her family business and Dutch heritage together with symbols of the funfair and cotton candy.

Photos: Selina De Maeyer / Designer: Miss Pearl Couture / Silk painting: Rattiya Mahawan / Makeup:  Dainora Dulcyte / Drone pilot: David Van de Ville / Location: Michel Passion for Tulips

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