Meet the winners of Mister RNB España 2022

The Mister RNB España 2022 national competition took place last August 6 at the Centro Cultural Villa de Nerja in Málaga.

Over 50 contestants representing various provinces of Spain competed for the national titles at stake — Mister RNB España Supranational, Mister RNB España Internacional, Mister RNB España Global, and Mister RNB España Caballero Universal.

Here are the winners:

Mister RNB España Supranational 2023 - Iván Álvarez (Pontevedra) is a 29-year-old industrial engineer in the automotive sector.

Mister RNB España Internacional 2023 - Borxa Ramo (Teruel) is a 24-year-old model and actor. He holds a degree in primary education with a specialization in physical education from the University of Murcia, and in international business from the University of Valencia.

Mister RNB España Global 2022 - Abel Muelas (Badajos) is 21 years old from Pinto, Madrid but his family hails from Salvatierra de los Barros, Badajoz. He is a firefighter and holds a bachelor's degree in administration and finance.

Mister RNB España Caballero Universal 2022 - Pablo Estrada (Soria) is 31 years old from Pozuelo de Alarcón, in Madrid. He works as a specialist laboratory technician and has studied professional training in administrative management.

They will go on to represent Spain at the Mister Supranational, Mister International, Mister Global, and Caballero Universal competitions.

Their predecessors were Manuel Ndele of Burgos, Juan Pablo Colías González of Valladolid, Miguel Ángel Lucas Carrasco of Toledo and Cristhian Naranjo Gómez of Alicante.

Photos: Mario Merin Photography / RNB España

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