Milan to hold largest reunion of former Miss Universe contestants

Seventeen beauty queens who participated in the 70th Miss Universe pageant were invited to model next Friday, September 23 at the GX Fashion Week Milano.

The upcoming event that will take place at the Palazzo Francesco Turati in Milan, Italy will be the largest reunion of former contestants from the same edition of Miss Universe.

Among the attendees will be the following:

Oricia Dominguez - Miss Universe Portugal 2021

Emma Collingridge - Miss Universe Great Britain 2021

Karolína Kokešová - Miss Universe Czech Republic 2021

Debora Hallal - Miss Universe Mexico 2021

Agata Wdowiak - Miss Universe Poland 2021

Moa Sandberg - Miss Universe Sweden 2021

Nora Nakken - Miss Universe Norway 2021

Sara Langtved - Miss Universe Denmark 2021

Elisa Groa - Miss Universe Iceland 2021

Katharine Walker - Miss Universe Ireland 2021

Essi Unkuri - Miss Universe Finland 2021

Caterina Di Fuccia - Miss Universe Italy 2021

Carmina Cotfas - Miss Universe Romania 2021

Julia Sinning - Miss Universe Netherlands 2021

Nahemi Uequin - Miss Universe Bolivia 2021

Alejandra Gavidia - Miss Universe El Salvador 2021

Cemrenaz Turha - Miss Universe Turkey 2021

The beauty queens will be supporting the sustainable fashion work by an artisanal European manufacturer during the celebration of Milan Fashion Week 2022, which opens from September 20 until September 26.

This event will not only show the sisterhood that is built in beauty pageants but how beauty queens also cooperate as ambassadors in projects beyond borders.

Established in 1958, Milan Fashion Week is a clothing trade show held semi-annually in Milan, Italy. It is one of the "big 4" fashion weeks in the world along with Paris, London, and New York.

Source: Oricia Dominguez

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