Miss Belgium 2023: Meet the Top 32 finalists

Thirty-two beauties have been selected as official finalists for Miss Belgium 2023. The winner will have the opportunity to represent Belgium at the Miss Universe and/or Miss World pageants.

The finalists are expected to be taken on a trip to Baron Resort in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, as part of their pageant activities leading up to the final show on February 11 at Proximus Theater in De Panne.

Reigning Miss Belgium Chayenne van Aarle will compete in the 71st Miss Universe pageant in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA this January. Who will be her successor for the national title?

Visit the Miss Belgium official website and social media accounts to learn how to vote for your favorites.

Meet the Top 32 finalists:

MB01 - Christina Lalomia

MB02 - Solyne Husson

MB03 - Noa Kiekens

MB04 - Charlotte Van Den Berghe

MB05 - Cheany Van der Jeugt

MB06 - Silva Hakobyan

MB07 - Claire Lansenebre

MB08 - Caprice Coyne

MB09 - Salem Ali Haifa

MB10 - Lena Gonzalez Blanco

MB11 - Demmi Van Bossche

MB12 - Noémie Rosato

MB13 - Sjoukje Degraeve

MB14 - Kessia-Simão Viera

MB15 - Amy Rombaut

MB16 - Perrine Blampain

MB17 - Esmée Van Walle

MB18 - Léna Forseille

MB19 - Elise Casier

MB20 - Leia Van Hove

MB21 - Blendina Sejfija

MB22 - Gwendoline Gouverneur

MB23 - Nell Joostens

MB24 - Victoria Kembukuswa

MB25 - Ailani Ibens

MB26 - Cécile Deltour

MB27 - Eva Keusters

MB28 - Lara Viegas

MB29 - Emilie Vansteenkiste

MB30 - Beyza Ozciftci

MB31 - Janah Vanderper

MB32 - Valentine Roger

Photos: Miss Belgium


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