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Former Miss Universe Australia Maria Thattil comes out as bisexual

Miss Universe Australia 2020 Maria Thattil has come out as bisexual on a recent episode of the Australian reality television series "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!" The 28-year-old Australian model of Indian descent took to social media after the episode aired to talk more about her coming out. "Before the show, I had only come out to a handful of people. My brother took my call at midnight last night and talked it over with me - and I realized the reason I’ve been so scared to do this is exactly why I need to," Maria wrote on her official account with photos of herself painted in rainbow colors. "A lack of bisexual visibility for most of my life has meant that the experience was confusing and there were parallels to other experiences I had with social identity. Fear of falling in between the cracks, never fully finding a place in myself," she continued. "No longer a secret to protect but a part of me to celebrate," she added to her c

Miss Universe Australia 2021 is Daria Varlamova

Daria Varlamova was announced Miss Universe Australia 2021 in a national final held in Melbourne on Tuesday, October 19. The 26-year-old mental health advocate from Victoria succeeds Maria Thattil. She will now prepare to represent Australia at the 70th Miss Universe pageant in Eilat, Israel in December. Mia Brooks and Jasmine Stringer were named first and second runners-up, respectively, while Ally Draper and Tiana Meehan completed the Top 5 finalists. The new Miss Universe Australia is a student advisor at a university and currently working towards becoming a psychotherapist. "I am incredibly grateful for this platform and what lies ahead. I am also immensely proud of each and every woman that has been a part of this beautiful journey with me," she wrote on her social media account. Australia won Miss Universe twice with Kerry Anne Wells in 1972 and Jennifer Hawkins in 2004. Photos: Miss Universe Australia

Australia's Maria Thattil is off to US for the 69th Miss Universe pageant

Miss Universe Australia 2020 Maria Thattil has left for the US to compete in the upcoming 69th Miss Universe pageant in Hollywood, Florida. The 28-year-old Indian-Australian beauty posed with her national flag and luggage wearing Eliya the Label dress during her departure at Melbourne Airport. "I consider myself a storyteller. And today, I depart for the US where I plan on telling a story on a global stage. The story of people who are both like me and those who are not - but have once been told they are ‘less than.’ The story of the true Australian spirit and being open to all. The story of the world I believe we can have when we champion inclusivity. My story, our story - I’m ready for the global mic," she said in a post on her official social media page. "Powered by all of you, a vision bigger than I and gratitude - I’m ready to conquer the universe with my story of unity and love," she added. "I am going to Miss Universe not as one, and not even as Australia

Australia's Maria Thattil to wear 'Black Swan' national costume at the 69th Miss Universe

Miss Universe Australia 2020 Maria Thattil will showcase a black swan-inspired national costume in the upcoming 69th Miss Universe pageant in Florida, USA. The costume weighs about 9 kilograms. It was constructed with a total of 105 feathers that were hand-cut from stiffened lightweight fabric and edge bound. Designer Nicola Yeung worked closely with engineer Stuart Bryce of Dugite Designs, who was the mechanical mastermind behind the kinetics. The upper feathers spin, run by a small motor attached to the back. The black swan is a native Australian bird, the emblem of West Australia, and a symbol of hope. Up until the 16th century, swans were widely believed to be invariably white, so much so that the phrase “black swan” was coined to describe an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normal for a situation. "Following its discovery, the black swan is a symbol of the unexpected and overcoming the impossible. It symbolizes the beauty and wonder in being open for change," M