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Malaysia's Benedict Yu wins Mister National Universe 2023 in Thailand

Mister Malaysia Benedict Yu was proclaimed Mister National Universe 2023 on Tuesday, June 27 at the Amari Watergate Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. The 27-year-old doctor from Kota Kinabalu bested over 20 other competitors to win the 5th edition of the international male pageant. Benedict succeeds last year's winner from Vietnam, Ngo Hoang Phi Viet. Aside from his title, he was also awarded Mister Popular and Mister Flawless Skin. "I have gained so much friendships from different countries, getting to experience Thailand cultures and this pageant is the definition of where pageantry meets luxury," he shared online after winning the competition. Marcus Charlie Bishop of England was named first runner-up while Kritti Nampradit of Thailand, Michael Ver Comaling of the Philippines, and Tishkin Vladislav of Latvia were the second, third, and fourth runners-up, respectively. The rest of the Top 10 semifinalists were from Japan (Takumi Ozawa), Pakistan (Jan Asad), Russia (Maxim Zvon

Mister International Korea 2022 is Kim Hee Won

Kim Hee Won was named Mister International Korea 2022 in a national competition held on Monday, August 29 in Seoul. The 28-year-old model and former football player from Jinju bested 33 other contestants to win the national title. Lee Yong Woo and Kim You Soo were the first runners-up; Kim Jon Wook, Yoo Byeong Eun, and Hong Seok Jin were the second runners-up; and Kim Sang Hun and Lee Won Young were the third runners-up. The new Mister International Korea and the runners-up are expected to represent their country at various international male pageants such as Mister International, Mister Supranational, Mister Global, Man of the World, Mister National Universe and Man of the Year. This year's competition was the 10th anniversary of the Mister International Korea pageant. View this post on Instagram A post shared by 김희원 (@knan_4703) Photos: Studio AAVEC / Mister International Korea, Kim Hee Won / Instagram