Miss Grand Myanmar 2020 Han Lay cries out 'please save Myanmar'

Miss Grand Myanmar 2020 Han Lay cried out for support from the international pageant community amid the current political situation in her country.

"We are fighting for our democracy but they are using guns and scare the people," she said while teary-eyed in a very emotional video shared online.

According to various news outlets, the armed forces in Myanmar have carried out a coup d'etat to seize control of the country. Since then, hundreds of peaceful protesters were gunned down, thousands of people were arrested, and beatings and torture are constantly being reported.

In a social media post on Friday, Han wrote: "As a representative of Myanmar, I will walk on the stage of Miss Grand International with the advocacy STOP THE WAR AND VIOLENCE."

"I can’t wait to voice out loud that we, Myanmar people, are warriors of freedom," she added.

Photo: Miss Grand International

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