HIGHLIGHTS: Miss South Africa 2022 final competition Top 5 Q&A

Miss South Africa 2022 has already concluded on Saturday, August 13 with the crowning of Ndavi Nokeri and we still can't get over how powerful the question and answer portion of the pageant was.

The new Miss South Africa together with the rest of the Top 5 finalists Ayanda Thabethe, Lebogang Mahlangu, Luvé Meyer, and Tamsyn Jack gave compelling answers to the questions from the all-female selection committee.

With Miss Supranational, Miss World, and Miss Universe titles under its belt, South Africa is undeniably one of the forces to reckon with in pageantry not only for their beauty but also their brains. The speaking abilities of these empowered South African women can't be ignored.

Here are the tough questions in the nerve-racking round and their answers:

On this stage right now, you have an opportunity to speak truth to power. What truth do you want those who are there in power right now who are leading our country to hear?

Luvé Meyer (Top 5 finalist): "Suicide is the second leading cause of death amongst teenagers. Mental health is such an important thing that we need to focus more on. A mentally healthy society is a loving and caring society and I need our leaders to care a little more."

We have been through the most challenging time of our lives with the pandemic and the world as we have always known it has ceased to exist, so what would you say are the biggest lessons you've learned from this time and how will you take them moving forward?

Tamsyn Jack (Top 5 finalist): "The biggest lesson I took out of the pandemic was how valuable it is to be an adaptable person. You know, plans don't always work out the way that we think, they don't go according to how we envision them but its really important to be adaptable, and be able to make a new plan and adopt the mindset of being able to bloom where you are planted, and I think as Miss South Africa I will do just that."

The title of Miss South Africa comes with great responsibility and a lot of public scrutiny. Heavy is the head that wears that crown. How do you plan to protect your mental health during your reign?

Lebogang Mahlangu (second runner-up): "I am somebody who defines their true north as existing in any place or space that allows me to play an active role in the development of my community and its young people. I will always stay true to that true north, I will pause when I need to, and reroute when I need to. I will also say in the same breath to everybody that is chasing the same mission, you cannot pour from an empty cup so make sure to take care of yourself first."

Who do you think lead to the reason for period poverty, men or women, and why?

Ayanda Thabethe (first runner-up): "That is a very difficult question to answer and I say that because the people that I blame are the leaders who have all the power to change the rules and allow women to have menstrual cycle products for free. So whether that be a woman, whether that be a man, if you know that you have it inside of you to change the status quo and you choose not to, you are the reason."

Our constitution commits us to use it as a bridge to heal the divisions of the past and create a new society that is based on social justice. How will you use your title as Miss South Africa to lead the nation to embrace the constitution and play their part in advancing social justice?

Ndavi Nokeri (Miss South Africa 2022): "We cannot say that we are moving forward as a nation while half of the country is still getting left behind. Fifty percent of our country is still living below the poverty line and it is our responsibility to ensure that we create a sustainable, innovative, and most importantly, an inclusive South Africa, so that we can unlock opportunities for our youth."

Photo: Miss South Africa

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