Miss Universe Spain 2022: Get to know the 14 contestants

The Miss Universe Spain 2022 final competition will be held on Saturday, September 10 at the Los Olivos Beach Resort in Tenerife.

Last year's winner, Sarah Loinaz will crown her successor at the end of the event.

The next Miss Universe Spain will represent her country at the 71st Miss Universe pageant in the first quarter of 2023.

Who will be the next Miss Universe Spain? Vote for your favorite to enter the final Top 6 at this link: https://muspain.choicely.com/

Get to know the 14 contestants vying for the national title:

María Alexandra Cucu (Andalucía) - 20, is a dramatic art student at the ESAD in Málaga and considers herself a committed, persistent, and empathetic woman.

Carmen Bello (Aragón) - 25, is a law student and among her hobbies, she emphasizes playing sports, visiting vintage shops, and her addiction to sudokus.

Catherine Peláez del Rivero (Asturias) - 19, is an administration and business management student and among her hobbies, she highlights playing handball as an elite athlete.

Nàdia Sanromà Murillo (Baleares) - 28, is a technician in early childhood education and pursuing her master's degree in primary education. Her hobbies include interior design, traveling, and going to the theater.

Susana Lucía Medina Martín (Canarias) - 23, is a law and digital marketing student. In addition, she is a model and her hobbies include traveling, being with her family, discovering new cultures, animals, nature, reading, music, dancing, art, paintings, and painting.

Lidia Brihuega Sanchez (Castilla La Mancha) - 21, is a marketing and advertising student. Her hobbies include fashion, gastronomy, sports, and personal growth, having worked as a coach and on her own personal podcast.

Paula Ortega Madarieta (Cataluña) - 27, has studied laboratory technician and nursing at the University of Barcelona.

Alicia Faubel (Comunidad Valenciana) - 25, has studied acting and currently works as a model. Her hobbies include sports, fashion, reading, and music.

Elizabeth Pérez Franco (Extremadura) - 18, has studied baccalaureate and is going to start her first year of marketing at the URJC in Madrid. Her hobbies include fashion, music, and art in general.

Noemí Sartal Loira (Galicia) - 24, works as a passenger cabin crew. Her hobbies include nature, animals, playing sports, and reading.

Ednyller García (La Rioja) - 19, has studied high school and works as a stylist and make-up artist. Her hobbies include acting, singing, dancing, and creating choreographies.

Arianna Victoria Rausseo Linares (Murcia) - 19, is a first-year student of design. Her hobbies include contact with nature, hiking, meditating, reading, cooking, and going to the beach.

Laura Etayo Sarasa (Navarra) - 27, holds a degree in psychology, a master's in general health psychology, and currently pursuing her master's in systemic and couples therapy. Among her hobbies, she highlights learning new things through books, making plans with the people she loves, traveling, the sea, discovering new places, watching the sunset, music, fashion, and playing sports.

Aida Romero Rivas (País Vasco) - 27, has studied Marketing and aesthetics and her hobbies include playing sports, reading, and meditating.

Photos: Miss Universe Spain

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