The Miss Globe 2022 schedule of events

One week left before The Miss Globe 2022 kicks off in Albania. Over 50 contestants from around the globe are expected to arrive in the country for the 19th edition of the international pageant.

The contestants will go through a series of pre-pageant activities and competitions leading to the final on Saturday, October 15 at the Opera and Ballet Theatre in Tirana.

Reigning queen Maureen Montagne of the Philippines will crown her successor at the end of the event.

Here is the schedule of events released by The Miss Globe organization (Deliart Association):

September 29 - October 2:

- Arrivals at Mother Teresa International Airport, Rinas, Albania

- Check-in at Diamma Resort, Golem Durres

- During these days, according to the arrivals, there is also a photo shoot for the official magazine of The Miss Globe

- Distribution of gift uniforms by The Miss Globe and Chol’s Program orientation and explanation

- Group division of Head to Head Challenge and Talk Show programs

October 3:

- Tour of the historical and archaeological areas in the city of Durres

- Visit the Archaeological Museum

- Visit the Amphitheater of Durres

- Lunch at Aragosta restaurant on the seaside

October 4:

- Press conference in Tirana with the participation of The Miss Globe 2021 and The Miss Globe 2020

- Tour the capital

- Lunch at Sheqeri Pikant restaurant

- Visit the Old People’s Home associated with the cultural activity

- Gifts for the elderly

- Artistic program with some of the girls who have special talents, singing, dancing, animation

- Talent Show 1

- Dinner at Diamma Resort

October 5 - 6:

- Talk show recording competitors show their personality, showing even more to the audience that follows them

- Question and answer with competitors who will be divided into groups of 10-12 contestants each

- Competitors divided into groups perform Head to Head Challenges in parallel

October 7:

- Visit Lisus (Lezhe) One of the cities with history and traditions

- Meeting with the Mayor

- Parade with national flags in the city center

- Visiting and photographing the coastal lagoons of the area

- Lunch at the traditional Mrizi i Zanave restaurant

- Visit a medicinal plants farm

- Dinner at Mal√ęsi e Madhe District

- Going back to Diamma Resort

October 8:

- Rehearsal and preparation for Miss Bikini

- Lunch at Diamma Resort

- Miss Bikini Show

- Party in the evening

October 9:

- Visit the city of Kavaje

- Meeting with the Mayor of Kavaja

- Head to Head Challenge

- Talent Show 2 at Palace of Culture

October 10:

- Visits to rural areas, young people who are working to take care of Farms and Bio Restaurants (Shijak area)

- Placement in Ajman Park and preparations for the Talent Show Final

- Party in the evening

October 11:

- Rehearsals at Diamma Resort

October 12:

- Moving from Diamma Resort to Raddison Blue Hotel

- Placement of the competitors at the Raddison Blue Hotel in Tirana to start the rehearsals for the final show on stage

October 12:

- Lunch at Pazari I Ri, Dad restaurant

- Vespa tour in the capital

- Visit the House of Leaves

- Visit the National Museum

- Visit the BunkArt

October 13:

- Rehearsals

- Bike tour around Tirana Lake

October 14:

- General Rehearsals

October 15:

- Final Show at Opera and Ballet Theatre

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