Mariam Ben Abroug to represent Tunisia at Miss International 2023

A 27-year-old clinical neuropsychologist, Mariam Ben Abroug, has been officially designated as Miss International Tunisia 2023 and she will soon travel to Japan for the 61st Miss International pageant.

The Tunisian beauty also holds a postgraduate diploma in cognitive remediation therapy. She had the opportunity to intern as a neuropsychologist at the National Institute of Neurology in Tunisia then worked in a private practice psychology office in her country.

However, her passion for exploration and connecting with people from diverse backgrounds led her to pursue a new path. She made the decision to become a flight attendant for one of the world's leading airlines in the United Arab Emirates.

In addition to her aviation career, she is actively pursuing her dream of becoming a space psychologist. Currently, she is participating in the "Habitat Marte" project as an analog astronaut, which promotes aerospace skill development in the Southern Hemisphere.

As a member of the Tunisian Space Association, she aims to contribute to the advancement of space research in her country and North Africa. Furthermore, she strongly advocates for gender equality in the space exploration industry.

Mariam is now getting ready to proudly represent Tunisia at the highly anticipated Miss International 2023. The prestigious event will take place in Tokyo, Japan on October 26.

Photos: Miss International, Mariam Ben Abroug / Instagram

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