Miss Universe Cayman Islands 2024: Meet the contestants

Seven beauties have been officially revealed as contestants for Miss Universe Cayman Islands 2024.

The final competition will be held in August at The Westin, Grand Cayman, and the winner will go to the 73rd Miss Universe (Miss Universe 2024) in Mexico later this year.

Who will succeed Ileann Powery for the national title?

Get to know the contestants:

Arin Broderick
(George Town) - Arin graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Health and Behavioural Sciences from Boston University. She is passionate about promoting well-being and representing the Cayman Islands globally. When not working as an International Patient Coordinator at Health City, Arin enjoys spending time with her family and engaging in rejuvenating activities like yoga, pilates, and gardening.

Belinda Ebanks-Grant (District Brac) - Belinda, a native of the beautiful Cayman Brac, has had a diverse range of experiences that shape her dynamic personality. From a young age, she excelled academically and displayed impressive athleticism, representing her schools and island in various competitions. Belinda is a passionate advocate for the Cayman Islands, tirelessly promoting its natural beauty. In her medical profession, she embodies compassion and expertise, guiding patients through their healthcare journeys. Beyond her professional life, Belinda is dedicated to pediatric cancer research and treatments, drawing inspiration from her own experience as a mother of a cancer survivor. She actively volunteers for multiple charitable organizations, using her passion to make a tangible difference. Belinda's creative flair shines through her collaboration with her husband in real estate development, where her keen eye for interior design enhances their projects. Above all, she treasures her role as a devoted wife and mother to three energetic and athletic boys, infusing love, purpose, and unwavering dedication into every aspect of her life.

Brianna Wilson (Bodden Town) - Brianna, the visionary Creative Director and Founder of The Design Sp_ce, is dedicated to empowering businesses through curated brand design. After immersing herself in European culture for over a decade, she returned to her island roots in 2024. Brianna will be a trailblazer in Miss Universe Cayman Islands history, using her platform for the creative industry. For her, the Miss Cayman journey goes beyond a beauty pageant, focusing on intelligence, compassion, inclusivity, and drive. Brianna's achievements include a master's degree, publishing her own poetry book, and now vying to represent her homeland as its ambassador. With determination and creativity, Brianna Wilson is set to make a lasting impact on the world stage, embodying the spirit of the Cayman Islands.

Raegan Rutty (East End) - Raegan's journey is a true testament to resilience and determination. She made history as the first Olympic gymnast from the Cayman Islands and now serves as an ambassador for her country. With her background in psychology and athletics, she is able to inspire others through her podcast "The Raegan Way" and motivational speeches. She addresses important topics such as mental health, Caymanian pride, and embracing femininity while being strong. Raegan is dedicated to empowering her community and encouraging others to pursue their dreams, regardless of where they come from. As an ambassador for the Cayman Islands with the Rotary Club, she takes on a leadership role and serves as a role model. Through her powerful words and awe-inspiring routines, Raegan Rutty aims to guide not only the current generation of Caymanians, but people of all ages to chase their dreams. She wants to remind everyone that even though they come from a small island, they are capable of achieving great things. Her platform includes the Addison Kelly Memorial Scholarship.

Tiea McLaughlin (Bodden Town) - Tiea, from Bodden Town, enjoys competing in the male-dominated gaming world and creating content for viewers. She also focuses on raising awareness about bullying and its impact on mental health. Tiea loves learning about different people and social dynamics in her community. She uses her interest in fashion to start important conversations. Studying for her associate of science, she hopes to explore business and marketing. Her motto is inspired by Albert Einstein's words: "Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."

Tracey Campbell (Bodden Town) - Tracey, a young Caymanian from Bodden Town, is an energetic individual who loves life. She enjoys participating in her favorite sports, football and softball, to stay active. Tracey's adventurous nature also leads her to explore different landscapes and immerse herself in the local cultures of her travel destinations. In addition to her athletic pursuits and love for travel, Tracey is dedicated to making a positive impact in her community. She works tirelessly with the United Against Bullying foundation to raise awareness and educate the public about the issue of bullying. Tracey is also proud to represent Ted Green Fragrances, a local fragrance house that celebrates the unique floral essences of the Cayman Islands. Health and wellness are important to Tracey, and she prioritizes self-care in all aspects of her life. Whether it's through modeling or advocating for causes she cares about, Tracey uses her platform to create meaningful change. She finds peace in nature and cherishes quality time with her loved ones. With her endless energy, unwavering passion, and commitment to making a difference, Tracey Campbell truly embodies the spirit of a Caymanian ambassador.

Zhané Rambaran (George Town) - Zhané, a proud Caymanian from George Town, is known for her ambition, warmth, and dedication. She graduated with a Chemistry degree from Florida International University in 2019 and discovered her passion for finance in the public sector. Currently, she works as a financial administrator in the Portfolio of the Civil Service. Recognized for her exceptional customer service, she was honored in April 2023 as the Cayman Islands Government's Employee of the Month, surpassing her 5,000 colleagues. Zhané's commitment extends beyond her professional life as she actively advocates for the preservation and education of Caymanian heritage through her MUCI platform. With her charisma and kindness, she leaves a lasting impression on her workplace and community, truly embodying the spirit of "Cayman-kind" in every interaction.

Photos: David Goddard / Miss Universe Cayman Islands

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