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71st Miss Universe: Ukraine wins 'Spirit of Carnival' award

Miss Universe Ukraine 2022 Viktoria Apanasenko received the "Spirit of Carnival" award during the 71st Miss Universe competition held in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. The award was presented to her by Carnival Cruise Line President Christine Duffy "for embodying the company’s values of fun, friendship, diversity and inclusion." "Viktoria Apanasenko has made it her mission to remind us that the war is ongoing and people across Ukraine are working to support their military, as well as their neighbors affected by the war – especially those displaced from their homes," said Duffy. "I’m impressed by Viktoria’s strength and her kind and giving character which truly embodies the ‘Spirit of Carnival.' And through this recognition, we are also letting the people of Ukraine and especially our Ukrainian crew members know that we continue to support and admire their spirit as well." A short video of the award presentation was featured during the 71st Miss

71st Miss Universe: Miss USA R'Bonney Gabriel shares 'I stand with Ukraine'

Miss USA R'Bonney Gabriel went to social media to share a photo with her fellow Miss Universe contestant from Ukraine and wrote "I stand with Ukraine" along with their countries' flag emojis in the caption. The beauty queens, who are now in New Orleans competing in the 71st Miss Universe pageant, posed for a photo while combining their hands to form a heart-shaped gesture. R'Bonney expressed: "I am mesmerized by the strength and beauty of my Universe sister [Viktoria Apanasenko]. I had a few moments to sit and talk with her about protecting human rights. I support her resiliency and am inspired by her heart." Miss Universe Ukraine first shared the same photo on her page and said, "Yesterday we did interview together about war in Ukraine, about human rights, about future, about our countries." "I’m so grateful USA for supporting Ukraine, and all people who help Ukrainians in this difficult time overcome evil and fight against it," she

Ukraine's Viktoria Apanasenko reveals national costume for 71st Miss Universe

Miss Universe Ukraine 2022 Viktoria Apanasenko finally revealed her symbolic national costume for the 71st Miss Universe pageant. The "Warrior of Light" costume symbolizes her nation's fight against the darkness, like an archangel Michael with a sword protecting Ukraine. It was completed in four months of extreme conditions, to the sound of sirens, without electricity, and by candlelight. In addition to a weapon in her hand, the costume also features a monolithic jumpsuit that covers Viktoria's body like armor, a vyshyvanka-styled white dress with puffy sleeves and skirt with over 10 meters of fabric, a beautiful headpiece, and wings inspired by the colors of the Ukrainian flag. "It is the personification of inner strength, courage, determination and will flowing in our veins. War cannot break our strength and will not discolor our hearts. Ukraine will bloom like a phoenix even in a fire. It shines with bright rays of kindness and faith," Viktoria shared on

Viktoria Apanasenko to represent Ukraine at Miss Universe 2022

Due to the difficult situation in their country, the Miss Ukraine Universe Committee has decided to appoint Miss Ukraine Universe 2021 first runner-up Viktoria Apanasenko as Miss Ukraine Universe 2022. The 28-year-old professional model and volunteer from Chernihiv, who holds a degree in social work, succeeds last year's titleholder Anna Neplyah. She is expected to represent her country at the Miss Universe 2022 pageant, possibly later this year. Victoria took to social media to share her "shock was hard to put into words" when she received the news while volunteering. "It was a dream of my childhood. Probably the first time in all this time, I cried with happiness," she said. "During all the time of my volunteer work, looking into the eyes of our people, I saw incredible strength. And that motivates me to go fight for Miss Universe," she added. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Viktoria Apanasenko (@crystal.viktoria) Ph

Miss Ukraine Universe 2021 is Anna Neplyah

Anna Neplyah was crowned Miss Ukraine Universe 2021 in a national competition held in Kyiv last Friday, October 15. The 27-year-old model succeeds Yelyzaveta Yastremska and will now represent Ukraine at the 70th Miss Universe pageant in Eilat, Israel this December. Victoria Apanasenko was the first runner-up while Diana Dudka and Nelya Popovich were respectively named Miss Charm Ukraine and Miss Eco International Ukraine 2021. "I want to become Miss Ukraine Universe to show by example to all the girls that everything is possible and everything is in our head. I want women to learn to love themselves and not deny their power in femininity," said the new Miss Ukraine Universe. Photo: Miss Ukraine Universe

Ukraine's Yelyzaveta Yastremska unveils 'Vytynаnka Soul' costume for the 69th Miss Universe pageant

Miss Universe Ukraine 2020 Yelyzaveta Yastremska will be showcasing the "Vytynаnka Soul" national costume at the 69th Miss Universe pageant in Hollywood, Florida this May. Designed by Rada, the costume was inspired by Vytynаnka, a version of the art form of papercutting that is popular in Ukraine. It comes from the word "cut" in Ukrainian. Vytynankas are used to decorate the walls, windows, shelves, and tables. The ones that were made of fabric and leather are used to decorate clothes. "Life sometimes leaves holes in people's souls, but God makes them a beautiful harmonious picture that reflects the inner beauty of a human," Yelyzaveta said on her official social media page. "The white color of the costume symbolizes life, peace, happiness, and the pureness of a human's soul. Mirror brilliance reflects the inner world of a human. Our soul has wings, we are born to fly," she added. Photos: Olesya Iskova