Miss Universe Malaysia 2022 Top 15 official finalists announced

The Top 15 official finalists of Miss Universe Malaysia 2022 were officially announced in a closed-door event held last March 29 at the MyEG auditorium in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

After last year's national competition was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, MUMO national director Datin Elaine Daly said they are back bigger, better and stronger this year.

Miss Universe Malaysia 2022 pageant week and final are expected to be held this June. The winner will succeed Francisca Luhong James and represent Malaysia at Miss Universe 2022 later this year.

Meet the Top 15 finalists:

Wong Siu (Siu Jane)

25, Selangor, 171 CM, Banker

Siu Jane graduated from The London School of Economics and Political Science in Accounting and Finance and currently works in the banking industry. An inquisitive, goal-driven, and hardworking person, she supported herself in her studies through part-time jobs and an education scholarship. Academic excellence comes naturally to Siu Jane, as evidenced by her record of straight ‘A’s in all major examinations. Joining Miss Universe Malaysia has always been on her bucket list and she hopes to use it to amplify her voice in generating awareness on the income/wage gap and vast disparity of wealth distribution in Malaysia.

Varyne Foo Augustine (Varyne)

20, Selangor, 170 CM, Music Student  

Varyne is of Chinese-Indian ethnicity, and is currently pursuing her studies in music at the Freude Music Academy. She describes herself as outgoing, kind and a good listener. Her interest lies in singing, dancing and playing the piano by ear, and she can even remix different pop songs. Inspired by her mother who participated in pageants in her younger days, Varyne intends to follow her mother’s footsteps and hopes to inspire young girls to pursue their dreams. Given the opportunity, she would like to encourage the altruistic act of donating hair so that they can be turned into wigs to support cancer patients.

Thevambbikai G.K. Kasinathan (Theva)

27, Selangor, 175 CM, Civil Engineering Graduate

Theva graduated with an honours degree in Civil Engineering from a local university. Standing at 175cm, she was a netball player since primary school through university. During the lockdown, she discovered new hobbies like stitching, drawing and gardening. As a finalist of another pageant in 2016, Theva intends to use her learning experience to make a stronger comeback at the Miss Universe Malaysia competition. A self-disciplined and tenacious individual, she would like to uplift other youths and help them break free from their own fears in search of true happiness.

Tee Wan Ying (Wan Ying)

25, Pahang, 176 CM, Operations Manager

Standing at 176cm, Wan Ying comes from Mentakab and graduated with an honours degree in Psychology. At 17, she represented Malaysia in volleyball, and that experience taught her values like persistence, independence, trust and communication skills. Living by the motto “There are plenty of things that are beyond our control, I just have to do my best”, Wan Ying thrives being in the limelight, and has participated in a modelling competition in 2018. Growing up with a family member born with Autism, she would like to raise awareness on children with mental disabilities, and the importance of teaching them life skills.

Phan Jing Mun (Jingle)

26, Perak, 170 CM, Client Service Executive

Jingle from Ipoh graduated with an Honours degree in Communications and works in the finance industry. She enjoys reading and listening to songs with motivational messages, and is an avid fan of badminton. Due to the pandemic, she sadly lost two family members and had her graduation and internship disrupted. Despite the challenges, Jingle took the opportunity to pick up new skills like basic Korean, playing the keyboard, and even founded a dessert business online. After participating in five beauty pageants since 2018, Jingle is giving herself a final chance with the Miss Universe Malaysia competition. She would like to advocate for women in need, in particular, those facing family violence.

Kaverrna Nair Sukumaran (Kaverrna)

26, Selangor, 168 CM, Marketing Executive

Kaverna graduated with an Economics and Finance degree from Monash University and works as a Marketing Executive. An adventurous go-getter who loves meeting new people, she is also a dancer, and swimmer, plays the classical Indian instrument, Veena and performs in concerts in her free time.  Having faced a personal setback in her at a tender age has shaped her to become an independent, adaptable and stronger person. Concerned about how Malaysia is still facing inequality in education and opportunities, she would like to work with Teach for Malaysia to help underprivileged students.

Kasshvini Mathuraiveran (Kasshvini)

26, Selangor, 168 CM, Intellectual Property Executive & Certified Yoga Instructor

Kasshvini graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Law from Northumbria University, Newcastle. She is an ambitious individual who enjoys travelling, dancing, painting, music and fitness. A Bharatanatyam dancer since she was 6, Kasshvini mastered the art of Abhinaya (facial expression) and likes to smile as she believes that kindness begins with a simple smile. Kasshvini is a Certified Yoga Instructor and can do the Shirshasana or Yoga Headstand.  Given the chance, she would love to work with the Women’s Aid Organisation to help other women to stand up for themselves and fight for their rights.

Joann Tiong Hau Ping (Joann)

21, Sarawak, 166 CM, Computer Science & Psychology Student

Joann hails from Kuching and is an undergraduate majoring in Computer Science and Psychology at the University of St Andrews. A fun, friendly extrovert who trained in ballet as a child, she is proud to be a woman in tech as a programmer. Due to the pandemic, Joann took a gap year from her studies and started a small cookie business named Beverly Bake with her best friend. Besides her love for arts and crafts, she recently discovered spiritual reading. She would like to work with children facing poverty or abuse and hopes to influence other young women to pursue their dreams regardless of stereotypes.

Clarissa Tay Wei Qi (Clarissa)

24, Selangor, 171 CM, Business Development Executive

Clarissa holds a degree in Mass Communications and is a Business Development Executive at an events company.  A foodie who loves all types of cuisine, she dreams of riding all the rollercoasters in the world. Clarissa spent a big part of her childhood being involved in rhythmic gymnastics and was the 2nd runner-up in a pageant in 2016. As a forgiving and emphatic individual, she believes that everyone deserves a second chance.  Going by the belief that there is no growth in comfort, her love for pageantry has prompted her to enter this competition, as she feels that Miss Universe Malaysia can be a platform for her to project her voice in advocating the issues that this generation is facing, in particular, mental health.

Cheam Wei Yeng (Lesley)

26, Selangor, 166 CM, Assistant Manager

Lesley holds a Bachelor's Degree in Pharmaceutical and Health Science from the University of Nottingham and works in Product Marketing. This 26-year-old has been playing basketball since her childhood days and learnt to play the guitar on her own. Describing herself as a happy, hardworking and persistent person with an interest in the business world, Lesley is inspired by Elon Musk and would love to delve into his mind and find out how a successful person such as himself views life. Lesley hopes to use the Miss Universe platform to raise awareness on mental health issues as this is something most people are afraid to talk about.

Chantal Yuen Tng (Chantal)

27, Penang, 172 CM, Masters Student

A Penangite currently doing her Master's at the Berlin School of Economics and Law, Chantal loves travelling to learn and discover new experiences. The recent pandemic hit her hard as she was released from her position as a flight attendant. Describing herself as kind, thoughtful, and adventurous, Chantal admires the philanthropic vision of the Miss Universe pageant and would like to advocate for quality education for the underprivileged as she understands that many children do not have access or opportunities to complete their education due to various factors.

Catherine Lai Hui Yi (Kate)

27, Melaka, 168 CM, Research Assistant

Catherine, better known as Kate hails from Melaka. A PhD holder, she works as a Research Assistant. Although she thinks of herself as an introvert with a sensitive soul, she believes in staying positive and keeping her energy high. During the lockdown, her experimentation in the kitchen led to the creation of her signature dish, Nasi Lemak Kukus Nyonya which she is extremely proud of. Having had some pageant experience, Catherine believes that the Miss Universe Malaysia platform will enable her to bring others together for a good cause such as fundraising, something which she has personally done to help those in need during the pandemic.

Buganna S. Saravana Kumar (Buganna)

24, Melaka, 168 CM, Community Dietitian

Buganna graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and works as a Community Dietitian. Skilled in baking, Buganna uses her knowledge as a dietitian to modify recipes to make them healthier and more interesting. Always one to start her day with yoga and meditation, she is inspired by Priyanka Chopra for her outspokenness and confidence. Buganna was a finalist in another beauty pageant last year and is consistent in her advocacy for a healthier community. Prioritising health is crucial to her, and she would like to volunteer at shelters with people living with HIV/AIDS to help improve the nutrition status of this vulnerable group.

Annatasha Shanty Jeremiah (Asha)

25, Sabah, 170 CM, Engineering Student & Project Supervisor

Asha from Penampang is of Indian-Kadazan parentage and was born in a culture-oriented family who are education-focused with an athletic drive. She is studying part-time for her Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering, and once played netball for her state. A happy-go-lucky person, she took the opportunity during the lockdown to learn new skills like playing the guitar, cooking and exploring TikTok. Asha has had some pageant experience, having represented Malaysia in 2016. She would like to use the Miss Universe Malaysia platform to raise awareness on cancer and highlight the importance of early medical screening.

Ajunee Simreet Kaur Khangura (Ajunee)

20, Kuala Lumpur, 170 CM, Law Student

Born in Kuala Lumpur, 20-year-old Ajunee is a 2nd year Law student who enjoys gaming on her PlayStation. She is bold and creative and believes that success means making a positive impact on others. As a person who is comfortable in her own skin, she lives by the ideology of “the fear of failure is what hinders the path of success.” During the lockdown, she took a gap year from her studies and filled her time by honing her cooking and makeup skills. She also started a TikTok account and made videos to keep herself occupied. Ajunee would like to advocate for the prevention of crimes committed against women as victims often tend to suffer in silence.

Source: Miss Universe Malaysia

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