Reinas del Paraguay: Meet the beauties vying for Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International and Miss Earth Paraguay 2022

A new set of Reinas del Paraguay (Queens of Paraguay) who will represent "the heart of South America" at Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, and Miss Earth pageants will be crowned on Friday, August 26 at Paseo La Galería in Asunción.

After several casting events that took place in the cities of Encarnación Villarrica, Asunción, and Ciudad del Este last June, a total of 14 beauties made it to the final list of official contestants.

Four national titles are at stake in the upcoming national competition - Miss Universo Paraguay, Miss Mundo Paraguay, Miss Internacional Paraguay, and Miss Tierra Paraguay 2022.

Last year's titleholder, Nadia Ferreira's feat on the global stage sets the bar high for her successors after she finished first runner-up at the 70th Miss Universe - the highest placement that Paraguay has ever achieved in the history of the pageant.

Meet this year's 14 official contestants:

Elicena Andrada, 27, is a model, a former Miss America Latina del Mundo, and second runner-up at Miss Grand Paraguay 2021. Her studies include a bachelor of arts degree, commercial module, personal image, and tattoo course. She speaks Spanish, English, and basic Guarani and Portuguese. In her free time, she enjoys training her mind and body, drawing, snowboarding, and learning foreign languages. She is also passionate about 80's rock music and loves being in contact with animals and nature. Instagram: 

Leah Ashmore, 27, is a model, in the marketing and communication profession, and a former Miss Grand Paraguay and Miss Tourism World Paraguay. She is pursuing studies in marketing and graphic design. She speaks Spanish, English, Guarani, and basic Portuguese. Her hobbies include reading, jogging, and designing.

Julieta Cabrera, 18, is a student and community manager. She is pursuing architecture, modeling courses, oratory, guitar, and language studies. She speaks Spanish, English, Portuguese, and basic Guarani and Italian. Her hobbies include playing tennis, playing the guitar, cooking, and reading.

Michelle Chase, 27, is a marketer and fashion model. She studied music composition in Berlin, fashion design in Milan, and a bachelor's degree in marketing. She speaks Spanish, English, German and Italian. Her hobbies include yoga, jogging, spending time with family and friends, and playing video games.

Jazmín de la Sierra, 24, is a model, modeling teacher, DJ, and meeting organizer for Bolivian national artists. She studied commercial engineering, hydroponics, modeling, and corporal expression. She speaks Spanish, English, and basic Italian. Her hobbies include yoga, reading, playing sports, going to jazz concerts, playing piano, singing, and gardening.

Sofía Espínola, 19, is a model and industrial technician in electronics pursuing a degree in engineering and industrial technical studies in electronics. She speaks Spanish, English, and basic German. Her hobbies include cooking, playing sports, learning languages, and studying agribusiness and sustainability in agroindustry with emphasis on renewable energy.

Dahiana Gatzke, 20, is a model and a student of law (third year) and English (second year). She speaks Spanish, English, and Guarani. Her hobbies include cooking, martial arts, and learning languages.

Yanina Gómez, 25, is a professional dancer, law graduate, and licensed art education teacher. In addition, she finished her master's degree in management and administration of cultural policies with Latin honors (summa cum laude). Currently pursuing her didactics specialization at Universidad Nacional de Asunción (National University of Asuncion), and a career in notaries and notary public. She speaks Spanish, Guarani, and basic Portuguese and English. Her hobbies include painting, acting, dancing, and traveling.

Maelia Salcines, 27, is a professional makeup artist, award-winning co-author of the children's book "You Can do It Chickadee" and co-founder of Mental Monarchs Inc., a non-profit organization focused on educating the community and ending the stigma associated with mental health. She is a former Miss Texas USA contestant, holds an associate's degree in elementary education, and speaks English and Spanish. Her hobbies include gardening, knitting, photography, exercising, and playing with her pets (a chihuahua, Yorkie and geckos)

Nahee Lee, 20, is an architecture student at Universidad Nacional de Asunción (National University of Asuncion), pursuing a degree in industrial technique in civil constructions.

Sasha Monti, 18, is an advertising model, Belleza Adolescente Presidente Franco 2021 and Miss Ciudad Del Este 2022. She speaks Spanish, Guarani, Portuguese and basic English. Her hobbies include photography, cooking, dancing, listening to music, reading, and playing sports.

Alejandra Sens, 23, is an entrepreneur of an online clothing store who will soon start a degree in textile and clothing design in addition to modeling courses at the academy. She speaks Spanish, and basic Guarani and English. Her hobbies include dancing, singing playing music, and going out with friends.

Macarena Tomas, 28, is an international aero yoga (aerial yoga) instructor and holds a bachelor's degree in nutrition from the Universidad de Integración de las Américas (University of the Integration of the Americas). She speaks Spanish, English, and Portuguese. Her hobbies include dancing, cooking, traveling, and teaching.

Laurent Villar, 22, is a professional model and journalism student pursuing a degree in communication sciences. She speaks Spanish, Guarani, English, and basic French. Her hobbies include walking, listening to music, playing the organ, painting, writing, and playing sports.

Photos: Reinas del Paraguay

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