Mister International Netherlands 2022 is Iliya Shahedi

Iliya Shahedi was named Mister International Netherlands 2022 on Saturday, September 17 in a competition held at Zalencentrum De Brug in Reeuwijk.

The 23-year-old fitness enthusiast of Persian descent succeeds last year's winner Mike Van Doorn and he will now prepare to represent the Netherlands at the 14th Mister International pageant in the Philippines this October.

At the same event, Franklin Lopes and Kenji Schoonderwoerd respectively clinched the titles Mister Senior and Junior Netherlands 2022.

"Words can not describe how happy I am to win the title," the new Mister International Netherlands wrote in a statement on social media.

Iliya is not a stranger to pageantry. Back in 2019, he was a finalist at the Misters of the Netherlands competition.

Meet the new Mister International Netherlands:

Photos: René Rollema, Koch Productions / kochproductions.nl

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