Miss Venezuela organization responds to allegations, explains selection process

Miss Venezuela organization released an official statement explaining its selection process in response to allegations related to the results of the recently concluded Miss Venezuela 2022 final won by Diana Silva of Distrito Capital.

According to the statement, since 2018 the evaluation process of the candidates is continuous and is made up of four different stages because the evolution of the young women cannot be measured solely and exclusively with the performance they have during the final night.

Here are the important stages of the selection process:

First - The first stage of the evaluation is the online application, a filter that the aspirants must go through when registering for the competition and their records must comply with all the requirements requested for registration.

Second - The second phase is the Evaluación Presencial Integral (EPI) (Comprehensive On-Site Evaluation), a multidisciplinary evaluation session in which professionals from different areas take into account the potential and image of the applicants.

Third - Once the official candidates of the year are selected, the third stage of the evaluation is the assessment made by the organization's team, both internal and external, that interacts with them and in which their own qualities are taken into account — attendance, punctuality, order, discipline, decisive attitude, empathy and fulfillment of assignments are just some of the criteria. Facing the future relationship that will be established with the winners, psychological evaluation, as well as the evaluation of the social impact unit and the executive committee of Miss Venezuela are also part of this phase.

Fourth - Finally, the jury invited to participate in the coronation ceremony is in charge of completing the process through the preliminary interview they hold with the candidates days before the show, as well as the votes they cast during the event. The final question is one of the items that must be considered. It is the average of this selection together with the voting process of the multidisciplinary team of the organization is tabulated to obtain the final results of the entire competition and this information was communicated to the guest jury.

Cisneros Media, Venevisión, and Miss Venezuela deeply regret that the victory which was fairly achieved by the winners was met with challenges that do not correspond to reality, since the personalities invited to participate as the jury was informed about the elements of the evaluation and selection process.

"We urge the members of the 2022 jury to contact us so that together with our legal department they can verify by their own means the receipts of the votes cast throughout the entire beauty season, also taking into account that they signed a confidentiality agreement which they must honor," said the organizers.

"The uncertainty generated by this kind of actions on social media cannot be above dialogue when respect and cordiality are what has prevailed between the parties. Cisneros Media, Venevisión, and Miss Venezuela are confident that this type of unfounded actions will not be repeated and wishes that what truly prevails for all is to support the current queens, as well as all those who are committed to the future of the country," they added.

The organization also confirmed receipt of the request for clarification regarding the selection process from Miss La Guaira Andrea Romero and they are already scheduled for a meeting this week.

Miss Venezuela is considered an empowerment movement recognized worldwide as one of the most important beauty pageant franchises in the South American country. 70 years of history endorse the commitment of the brand that inspires Venezuelan women to promote their leadership as agents of change and to promote positive actions that benefit their environment and proudly exalt Venezuelan identity.


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