Thailand's Mister International triumphs in ownership battle

Thai Criminal Court dismisses case vs. rightful owner of Mister International

Today marks a momentous day for Mister International as Thailand's Pradit Pradinunt emerges victorious in a legal battle that has been long-anticipated and deeply contentious. The Thai Criminal Court has dismissed the case brought forward by Manuel Deldio from the Philippines, thereby affirming Pradit Pradinunt as the rightful owner of the esteemed Mister International organization.

The roots of this dispute trace back to the passing of Alan Sim, a beloved friend to Pradit Pradinunt and a key figure in the pageant world. Alan Sim, whose vision and determination brought forth the Mister Global competition, had entrusted Pradinant with the responsibility of continuing the legacy of Mister International alongside Mister Global. The collaboration between these two male pageants resulted in their recognition as two of the world's top five male pageants.

While on the surface, it may not have appeared that Pradit Pradinunt was part of the Mister International Organization, most National Directors recognized his pivotal role behind the scenes since the organization's inception in 2011 when he first hosted the event. This recognition underscores the notion that Alan Sim, despite not being officially part of Mister Global, played a similarly vital role in its success.

The culmination of this shared vision was evident in the 15th edition of Mister International held in Thailand last September 17th, a testament to the synergy between Pradit Pradinunt and Alan Sim.
The legal wrangle began when Manuel Deldio sued Pradit Pradinunt, alleging false claims made on the internet regarding the new management team of Mister International. The court's first hearing on July 3, 2023, was a significant moment, as it marked the first time the two parties faced off. Pradit Pradinunt, determined to face his accuser, met the court proceedings head-on.

However, it soon became evident that Manuel Deldio was not keen on direct confrontation. The court encouraged both parties to negotiate, but when negotiations failed, a trial date was set for September 25, 2023. Manuel Deldio and his legal team promised to provide evidence substantiating his ownership claims and his role as an admin of Mister International's official page.

Today, on September 25, 2023, the court convened, but Manuel Deldio was conspicuously absent. Only his lawyer appeared, requesting another postponement, citing a lack of readiness. The court, adhering to the prior agreement that both sides must present evidence that day, denied the request. Shockingly, Manuel Deldio's lawyer admitted to having no evidence to support his client's claims, leaving the case in limbo.

This outcome underscores Pradit Pradinunt's unwavering stance that he is the rightful owner of Mister International, backed by a wealth of legal documentation. It also dispels any notion that Manuel Deldio was an admin of the page, as no such appointment was ever made. Furthermore, Deldio's acknowledgment of seeing the organization's statement but failing to take action for months only casts more doubt on his claims.

In the end, this victory in court underscores the importance of relying on facts, not falsehoods. Pradit Pradinunt and the Mister International Organization are committed to upholding the brand's integrity and delivering even grander editions of the pageant in the future. Their global community of supporters can rest assured that their trust in Mister International is well-placed, as the organization continues to flourish on a foundation of truth and credibility.

Source: Mister International

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