Miss Ecuador 2022: Meet the 18 contestants

After several weeks of pre-pageant activities, the final competition of Miss Ecuador 2022 will take place on Saturday, September 3 at Malecón de Quevedo, Los Ríos.

A total of 18 contestants will be competing for the national title and last year's winner, Susy Sacoto Mendoza, will crown her successor at the culmination of the event.

The next Miss Ecuador will represent her country at the 71st Miss Universe pageant in the first quarter of 2023 while the first runner-up is expected to compete in Miss International 2023.

Hosted by former Miss Ecuador Claudia Schiess and communication expert Roberto Rodríguez, the show will stream live on the official Facebook page of the Miss Ecuador organization from 7:30 p.m.

This year's pageant also introduced a new crown designed by Catalina Salcedo. Crafted in 18-karat gold and natural stones the "Alaja Ashpa" crown which means beautiful nature was inspired by the flora of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Get to know the 18 contestants vying for the crown:

Alejandra Lombeida Garófalo of Santo Domingo, 25, is a civil engineering graduate and a businesswoman. She volunteers to support female entrepreneurship in coordination with the Municipality and the Prefecture of Santo Domingo. In the pandemic, she collaborated, with the patronage of her city, in the delivery of food kits. She likes sports and has participated in several marathons.

Camila Del Castillo Coronado of Quito, 26, holds a degree in human nutrition and a master's in obesity. When it comes to sports, she was elected by the province of Pichincha for national games and Pan American Games Ecuador 2010, Chile 2012, and Mexico 2014. She helps animals and performs free nutritional assessments in the Guangaje community.

Diana Puga Cadena of Quito, 24, is an industrial engineer who in her spare time paints and draws. She practice horse riding, volunteered in the Quinche Parish GAD, and participated in the reforestation project of that place with the support of the Ministry of the Environment, called a million trees. She organizes recreational activities for children from vulnerable sectors.

Emily Alvarado Morales of Cuenca, 19, is in her first semester of business management and is a professional model. She likes to read and ride a bicycle around the city and also practices ballet, martial arts, basketball, and athletics. She works with the World Without Barriers Foundation helping people with disabilities.

Génesis Salazar Jiménez of Shushufindi – Sucumbíos, Eastern Ecuador, 20, is in the first semester of accounting. She carries out social work in different areas of her city and enjoys dancing, reading, and modeling.

Georgette Kalil Roha of Guayaquil, 20, is a third-semester student of clinical psychology. He speaks English and French. Play volleyball. She carried out social work at the Tatiana Roha Foundation and is currently working on her project to implement emotional education in the curriculum.

Juliana Robles Requelme of Machala, 18, is a first-semester psychology student and an entrepreneur. She likes listening to music and reading. Her social project is focused on children with cancer and motor disabilities.

Juliette Kronfle Achi of Guayaquil, 20, is a fifth-semester student of law and governance and a literature lover. She performs acrobatics on fabrics and likes to read, write and do crafts. She is also an Arabic and tango dancer and practices volleyball and athletics, selected from Guayas. Her social project is based on her experience as a volunteer and current administrator of the Guayas Red Cross Blood Bank.

Landy Parraga Goyburo of Quevedo, 18, is about to finish her degree in social communication and is a businesswoman. She volunteers at the gerontological center and for those deprived of liberty in her city. In addition, she actively participated in helping people affected by the 2016 earthquake. She likes to travel, sing guitar and play basketball.

Luciana Córdova Tapia of Loja, 21, is in her last semester of fashion design and is a model and professional makeup artist. She practices high jump and basketball. She carries out solidarity and creative activities with infants and her social project seek to help children with microcephaly.

Luciana Estrella Vallejo of Quito, 20, is a model and interior design student. She is an animal lover and defender, and a volunteer at the “Santa Catalina Laboure” nursing home, “Club de Leones”, “El Betel” school, and the “Amigos de Isabella” dog shelter. She started the social campaign Patitas in action against animal abuse. She practices basketball, martial arts, and dance.

María Cristina Zambrano Recalde of Quevedo, 26, is an architect with a diploma in advanced architecture in Mexico. She paints in acrylic and resin and likes to read topics related to her profession. She was in charge of designing a Quevedo park. She also delivered food kits to families in need.

Mazly Yuqui Silva of Bucay, 25, is an animal husbandry veterinary doctor. She is a modeling teacher and businesswoman. She likes to sing and read self-improvement books. She collaborates with the Cristhian Escobar "Ángeles de Amor" foundation for children and young people with different abilities in the province of Guayas, her social project has the support of Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston - Massachusetts.

Nayelhi González Ulloa of Esmeraldas, 26, is a nursing graduate and professional model. She practices athletics and volleyball, dances, draws, and sings. She volunteers in the visual campaign Your doctor at home, drawing smiles, and in the Germinar Foundation in Esmeraldas.

Nicole Solórzano Montero of Durán, 25, is a communication graduate, professional model, and personal trainer. She provides motivational talks for women with HIV and collaborates with the Ecuador Animal Rescue Foundation. Her hobbies are designing, dancing, and drawing.

Samantha Quenedit Sánchez of Quito, 22, is a final year social communication student, a producer, and a professional ballet dancer who owns two dance schools. She is a member and volunteer of the Eugenio Espejo Lions Club, and a director of the social project prevention of blindness and ophthalmic pathologies in children.

Sofía Peña Guillén of Cuenca, 20, is a sixth semester student of organizational psychology. She practices bicycle cross and has achieved Pan-American, Latin, and national titles. She is a coin collector. She carries out social work in communities in the rural sector of Azuay.

Tatiana Álvarez Sánchez of Riobamba, 20, is a sixth semester of accounting and auditing. She is a professional model who plays basketball and likes to dance. She did social work to help vulnerable people in her city.

Photos: Aldo Morbioni / Miss Ecuador

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