Thailand's Anna Sueangam-iam to wear Songkran-inspired costume for 71st Miss Universe

Miss Universe Thailand 2022 Anna Sueangam-iam will be wearing a Songkran-inspired national costume for the upcoming 71st Miss Universe pageant.

The Miss Universe Thailand organizers revealed the winning design called "Iconic of Songkran" on Wednesday, October 12 on its official social media accounts.

Out of hundreds of entries from talented Thai designers, three were selected to present their concept to the Miss Universe Thailand committee, and eventually, one design won the majority of the fans' and the judges' votes.

Designed by Kamolrose Siriassawakul, the inspiration for the national costume is the Songkran Festival which is annually celebrated on April 13, during the Thai New Year's national holiday.

Also known as the "water festival," Songkran is Thailand's most famous festival which has evolved into a huge display of fun water fights across the whole country every year.

The national costume will feature the use of recycled plastic bottles to resemble water, transparent leather, and a modern adaptation of Thai architecture for the ornaments.

Prior to production, the costume will be refined to ensure it is perfectly fit for the global stage in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA this January.

Check out the Top 3 choices for the national costume:

Photos: Miss Universe Thailand

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