Miss World 2021 Top 40: Colombia, Cote d’Ivoire, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, England, France, Guinea

The Miss World 2021 Top 40 will return to Puerto Rico to compete for the 70th Miss World final at the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in San Juan on March 16.

Meet the semi-finalists from Colombia, Cote D’Ivoire, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, England, France, and Guinea:

- Andrea Aguilera - After completing her studies in Journalism and Neurolinguistics Programming, Andrea is currently working as a Journalist, TV Presenter, and Teacher of Early Childhood Care. She is a keen snowboarder and cheerleader and sings soprano in the Antioquia Music Conservatory. Andrea’s favorite film is ‘The Pink Panther’ and she enjoys eating seafood, pizza, and traditional Colombian food.

Andrea’s Beauty with a Purpose project “Bottles of Love” directs its efforts to aid the less fortunate children of Colombia who are in the need of nutrition, recreation, and decent housing. Working with Othello Nutrition, Andrea provided specialized nutritional treatment to hundreds of children with malnutrition. The project also had support from a group of health professionals who evaluated each child and provided them with the necessary nutrients and supplements. As another part of her project, Andrea provides furniture for underprivileged children built from recycled plastic.

Placement in Miss World fast track events:  Head to Head Challenge Top 16

COTE D'IVOIRE - Olivia Yace - Olivia has a Degree in Marketing and Management and would like to continue her studies with a Master's Degree. She enjoys singing, dancing, and traveling. Mama Mia is her favorite film and her favorite song is: ‘This Little Light of Mine.’ If Olivia could invite someone for dinner it would be Michelle Obama as she admires her as a role model.

Olivia’s Beauty with a Purpose project M’Klomi which means “I Accept Myself” in Baoulé, promotes embracing and loving yourself without pretension. Olivia appeared on TV shows where she could reach the Ivorian youth directly to raise awareness about the dangers of skin bleaching.

Placement in Miss World fast track events: Top Model Winner, Head to Head Challenge Winner, Multimedia Winner, Talent semi-finalist

CZECH REPUBLIC - Karolina Kopincova - Karolina is currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Journalism. As well as working as a Model and Social Influencer Karolina is also CEO of Krok do Zivota, which supports children in orphanages. She enjoys Mountain biking, BMX freestyle, and bike obstacle courses, playing volleyball, and snowboarding. Her favorite film is ‘Forrest Gump.’Karolina also has two fluffy Romanian Carpathian dogs called Brisa and Vant.

As her Beauty with a Purpose project Karolina launched her own foundation “Step into Life” (Krok do Zivota) which aims to improve the lives of children living in orphanages and support them once they leave. The Step into Life Foundation provides training from professionals in the orphanages, highlighting and addressing issues related to orphanages and legislation.

Placement in Miss World fast track events: Top Model Top 13, Top 10 Beauty with a Purpose

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Emmy Pena - After graduating in Journalism and Marketing, Emmy is currently working as a Model and has ambitions to host her own TV show or become an Actress.  Among other things, she enjoys cooking, dancing, singing, volleyball, and hiking. Emmy also has a special talent in Stand-up Comedy. Her favorite film is ‘The Greatest Showman.’

Emmy’s Beauty with a Purpose project “Inclusion of People with Disabilities in our Society” aims to have a society that is inclusive. Emmy has worked with the organization “Quiéreme como soy” (love me as I am) which has the same goal and focuses on the education of empathy and kindness. This involves holding events, which send a message to society to include everybody, spread love, and joy as well as education and knowledge.

Placement in Miss World fast track events: Top Model Top 13

ECUADOR - Amar Ibarra- As well as studying for a Degree in Musical Arts, Amar is also working as an Actress, Composer and Singer. She would like to continue her studies in Music Therapy. Her hobbies include oil painting, rock climbing, and free diving and she enjoys playing the guitar and piano. Amar’s proudest moment was when she released her first music single.

Amar’s Beauty with a Purpose project “Here and Now” started with a campaign of recollecting food and delivering packages to families in need. More than 10,000 families benefited from the food kits and 6,000 received hygiene and recreational kits. The second phase of “Here and Now” is to help people with unemployment. Through online culinary workshops, viewers are taught how to start their own enterprises and improve their family’s economy.

Placement in Miss World fast track events: Talent semi-finalist

ENGLAND - Rehema Muthamia - After completing an Integrated Master’s Degree in Genetics, Rehema is currently working as a Health Technology Consultant and has ambitions to complete a PhD in Medical Genetics. Among other things, she enjoys baking, playing the guitar, singing, and salsa dancing. Rehema’s favorite film is ‘Hairspray.’  

Rehema’s Beauty with a Purpose project “Phoenix Rising” focuses on educating youth, raising awareness, and eradicating the shame surrounding domestic abuse. Using her own experiences, Rehema uses the education of youth to recognize abusive behaviors and understand healthy relationships to save the lives of the next generation. Alongside Women’s Aid, Rehema also started workshops in schools and carried out a number of fundraising activities including a bungee jump.

Placement in Miss World fast track events: Beauty with a Purpose Winner, Talent semi-finalist

FRANCE - April Benayoum - After completing the first Degree in International Trade and Marketing April is working as a model and content creator, she is also studying for a Master's Degree in Business. Her dream job would be to be a veterinarian for wild animals. She enjoys playing volleyball and has an interest in Geography and in Greek Mythology. Her favorite film is ‘The Davinci Code.’

As a victim of harassment and discrimination herself, April decided to focus her Beauty with a Purpose on this subject. Educating children from a young age against harassment and discrimination is one of the key ways the project prevents this. April plans to open a listening center where victims will be able to talk and get help from professionals.

Placement in Miss World fast track events: Top Model Top 13

GUINEA - Nene Bah - After completing her Degree in Commerce, Nene is not only working as an Accountant, she is also a Model, an Activist for Gender Equality, and an Advocate for Mental Health and Education. One of her ambitions is to be a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.  She enjoys playing board games, singing, and learning Basketball.

Nene’s Beauty with a Purpose project “Take ignorance out of epilepsy” works to provide people with disease-appropriate care as this is not readily available in her country due to ignorance and limited access to healthcare. In Guinea, there is a stigma that epilepsy is witchcraft and an unexplainable phenomenon that is likely the devil’s work. Children with this illness are often abandoned by their families for fear of contamination. Nene’s project focuses on raising awareness about the disease and providing adequate treatment to those in need.

Source: Miss World

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