Miss World 2021 Top 40: Puerto Rico, Somalia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, USA, Venezuela, Vietnam

The Miss World 2021 Top 40 will return to Puerto Rico to compete for the 70th Miss World final at the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in San Juan on March 16.

Meet the semi-finalists from Puerto Rico, Somalia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, USA, Venezuela, and Vietnam:

- Aryam Diaz - Aryam is studying Journalism and is currently working as a TV Presenter and a Model, she would like to pursue a Master’s Degree and work as a TV Journalist. She enjoys writing poetry and enjoys telling stories, reading, and traveling around Puerto Rico. Her favorite film is ‘Avatar’ and she enjoys listening to Electronic and Jazz music.

Aryam’s Beauty with a Purpose “Para esto Naci” (I was Born For This) works with low-income children in Puerto Rico, most of whom are orphans or children without family support. The children are offered free courses in self-esteem, catwalk, crafts, diction, acting, and photography. Aryam’s goal is to teach children a sense of responsibility, tolerance, work skills and to show them that anything is possible.

Placement in Miss World fast track events: Top Model second runner up

SOMALIA - Khadija Omar - As well as a Psychology student, Khadija is also a Makeup Artist.

Khadija’s Beauty with a Purpose project “Climate Migrants in Somalia” helps the 1.3 million people that have been displaced by cyclones and floods. Khadija is working closely with the UNCR and Somali Youth Action to assist the many vulnerable and displaced women and children.

SOUTH AFRICA - Shudufhadzo Musida - Shudufhadzo has completed a Degree in Social Sciences focusing on Philosophy, Economics, Politics, and International Relations. She is currently continuing her studies but is also the Founder and Chairwoman of her own Foundation. One of her dreams is to work for the United Nations. Shudufhazdo is also an Advocate for Mental Health and has had many opportunities to speak about it on International Platforms.

Shudufhadzo launched “The Mindful Movement” as her Beauty with a Purpose project, an online mental wellbeing education. Shudu uses her platform to advocate for mental illnesses and to remove the stigma that surrounds it. Experts joined Shudu each Monday to discuss different topics related to mental well-being. Within months of its launch in February 2021, Mindful Mondays had over 1 million viewers. Shudu used her own experience of bullying as a child to write the children’s book Shudu Find her Magic, which teaches children how to recognize signs of bullying.

Placement in Miss World fast track events: Beauty with a Purpose Winner, Talent semi-finalist

SRI LANKA - Sade Greenwood - Sade is currently a student and has ambitions to work for a non-profit organization. An avid animal activist, Sade’s proudest moment was when she took part in an Animal Rights Silent Protest for the government to pass the Animal Welfare Bill. Her hobbies and interests also include marine conservation, poetry, and writing.

Sade’s Beauty with a Purpose project “Think Blue, Go Green” focuses on alienating the mass pollution that intensifies the marine deterioration in many coastal areas such as Negombo, Colombo, and Jaffna. Sade works with the organization Pearl Protectors that protects and cleans the coastal areas of Sri Lanka. She also facilitates the rescue of marine life.

Placement in Miss World fast track events: Top 10 Beauty with a Purpose

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO - Jeanine Brandt - After completing a Degree in Business Management, Jeanine is the lead make-up artist and beauty consultant in her own Beauty Clinic. She has further ambitions to expand her business to include Holistic Health, including meditation and yoga. Her proudest moment was when she built a house, through her Brandt Beauty Foundation for three sisters who lived in deplorable conditions in her area. She also has a passion for volleyball and the steel drums.

For her Beauty with a Purpose, Jeanine launched the Brandt Beauty Foundation, "empowering and improving the lives of young girls and families". To date, the Foundation has raised over $100,000, built houses for families who were living in poor conditions, and provides food, books, clothing, and building materials. Jeanine also holds nationwide workshops in vocational skills to arm the girls with life skills. Jeanine established a hydroponic system for low-income families where they could grow their own produce and embarked on a nationwide sanitary drive to provide thousands of sanitary products to underprivileged communities.

Placement in Miss World fast track events: Head to Head Challenge Top 16

UNITED STATES - Shree Saini - Having completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism Shree is currently working as a Business Manager at her father’s company and as a Keynote Speaker. Since being, crowned Shree has been very active in promoting BWAP in the US and across the largest media platforms. Her dream is to become a United States Secretary of Education.  An avid reader, Shree also has a passion for dance and musical theatre and enjoys attending Stand Up Comedy.

Shree’s Beauty with a Purpose stems from her own experience of having a complete heart block. Her project is “Heart Health: Healing both the physical heart and emotional heart”. Shree has traveled to over 100 cities, 34 states, and 8 countries with her Beauty with a Purpose project. She also supports other non-profit organizations and causes. She raised 560,000 Indian National Rupees for Covid India Relief funds. The funds were used to feed people in need and will help feed thousands of families for months.

Placement in Miss World fast track events: Beauty with a Purpose Winner, Talent semi-finalist

VENEZUELA - Alejandra Conde - Alejandra is a third-year Medical Student and her proudest day was when she was accepted onto the course at one of the most competitive Universities in Venezuela. She also works as a FOREX Trader and Model. Alejandra has ambitions to host her own TV show. Having trained as a Venezuelan folklore and flamenco dancer she is also an expert in aerial silks.

Alejandra’s Beauty with a Purpose project “Río Blanco: A River of Hope” seeks to make improvements to the community and infrastructure after it was devastated when heavy rain led to the overflow of the Madre Vieja. Alejandra works with community leaders to solve the issues they are facing. Alejandra found a community space, which is used daily as a dining room to feed 100 children and 20 elderly adults. She worked on reconstructing the damage caused by the floods, starting with the kitchen.  Alejandra also provided the center with medical consultations, music lessons, donations of equipment. She now plans to further support the community of Río Blanco by building a school and medical center.

Placement in Miss World fast track events: Head to Head Challenge Winner, Top Model Top 13

VIETNAM - Đỗ Thị Hà - Currently a student at the National Economics University, Đỗ Thị has dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur with her own health care and beauty products. She enjoys taking part in social activities and playing the T’rung – a Vietnamese traditional instrument. Đỗ Thị also has a special talent for making people laugh and she enjoys watching action and detective films.

After extreme weather in October 2020 caused devastating damage, Đỗ Thị decided to launch Peaceful Houses to help the community of Tra Don rebuild their houses. Đỗ Thị secured funding to reconstruct 18 houses that had been damaged in the natural disaster. She also provided the community with food and supplies they desperately needed. To welcome them to their new homes Đỗ Thị gifted the houses with furniture and other items.

Placement in Miss World fast track events: Top Model Top 13, Head to Head Challenge Top 16, Talent semi-finalist

Source: Miss World

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