Miss Philippines Earth 2023: Meet winners of the swimsuit competition

The Miss Philippines Earth 2023 Swimsuit Competition was held on Wednesday, April 19 at the Municipal Plaza of Talakag, Bukidnon.

Yllana Marie Aduana of Siniloan, Laguna won the gold medal while Sha’uri Livori of the Filipino Community of Melbourne, Australia, and Kerri Reilley of Mangatarem, Pangasinan were awarded the silver and bronze, respectively.

A frontrunner for the crown, the 24-year-old model and actress also previously earned several awards — Bukidnon's Banog Banog Festival Creative Wings Competition (winner), Talent Competition (silver), and Darling of the Press (gold).

The final competition of the 23rd Miss Philippines Earth pageant will be held at the Toledo City Sports Center in Toledo, Cebu, Philippines on April 29.

Photos: Konan Tuadles (MAVIS studio) / Talakag Tourism, Lemuel Inocencio Abejuro / Yllana Marie Aduana / Instagram


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