Philippines' Michelle Dee wins Miss Universe 2023 Best in National Costume

Philippines' Michelle Dee has been announced by the Miss Universe Organization as the winner of the Miss Universe 2023 Best in National Costume.

The Filipina beauty who entered the Top 10 in the 72nd Miss Universe competition on November 18 in El Salvador was voted by the fans through the official Miss Universe app.

Michelle's national costume is a beautiful creation of Michael Barassi. It represents the Philippines itself — resilient, radiant, and ready to embrace the Universe.

With each thread woven into the "solihiya" pattern, an iconic design used in the tropics of the Philippines, it embraces her body flawlessly — unfolding the story of the islands' unity and artistry.

Rising from her back, her wings bear the colors of the Philippine flag and a mural of its most breathtaking sights while parading the country's official tourism slogan: #LoveThePhilippines.

Crowned with a captain's hat, her costume is a salute to her role as an Air Force reservist and to their boundless adventures awaiting in the skies!

A look back at the script of the National Costume Show as Michelle took the stage:

"It's a bird, it's a plane ... it's the Philippines! Crowned with a captain's hat, this costume is a salute to the delegate's role as an Air Force reservist. The look is representative of her country – resilient and radiant. There’s no denying, she's the queen of flying ... in the PHILIPPINES."

Photos: Miss Universe, Miss Universe Philippines / Instagram


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